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District Attorney Diana Becton Claims Historic Victory

Diana Becton Statement, June 14, 2018


This afternoon, I received a call from prosecutor Paul Graves congratulating me on my win in the Contra Costa District Attorney's race. While there are provisional ballots left to count, we have maintained a significant lead and have surpassed the 50%+1 to avoid a November run-off.

I am honored and humbled to receive the support of over 50% of Contra Costa county voters, who have given me the opportunity to continue serving as your District Attorney for a full term. I pledge to represent you proudly, with integrity, and with a strong commitment to fairness and justice for all.


Becton Increases Lead in Contra Costa District Attorney Race, Runoff Unlikely

An update by Contra Costa County Elections Wednesday showed that Diana Becton continues to hold above the 50% threshold to outright win the District Attorney seat while hear lead continues to grow.

District Attorney Diana Becton - Statement on June 5 Election

On Election Day, voters made it clear that they support me as Contra Costa County District Attorney over both other candidates for the job. We are celebrating our victory today -- but we know that this race is not over until every single ballot has been counted. My team will be closely watching the final count because there are over 50,000 votes that have not yet been counted -- so it is still possible that our final vote tally will put us over the 50% mark. We simply won’t know for certain until every vote is counted.

District Attorney Becton Announces Efforts to Combat Elementary School Truancy

Martinez, Calif. – Contra Costa County District Attorney Diana Becton is asking every elementary school principal to partner with the District Attorney’s Office to reduce chronic absenteeism and truancy in our community. Last month a letter went out from District Attorney Becton to every elementary school principal announcing her personal commitment to address this challenge.

Diana Becton Signs On to Columbia Statement on the Future of Community Corrections

Over the past 25 years, community corrections (probation and parole) caseloads have grown exponentially, exceeding 5 million people at their peak, double the number of people in prison and jail in America. Designed originally as an alternative to incarceration, community corrections has become a significant contributor to mass incarceration with nearly as many people entering prison for violations of community corrections conditions as for new offenses.

Due to this high volume, public resources for community corrections have been stretched, fostering large caseloads and inadequate programming and, in some cases, forcing community corrections agencies to rely on fees from impoverished clients for their very existence.

Fortunately, increasingly sophisticated research has shown that we can responsibly reduce probation and parole populations. Research shows that people on community corrections can be incentivized by earning time off of probation for exemplary behavior such as securing a job, stable housing, or earning a degree; that supervising people who present a low risk of rearrest increases recidivism; and that the impact of supervision wanes after a few years.

"Clean Slate Day" Helps Community Members

ANTIOCH — Local and Contra Costa County law enforcement and public defenders are hosting an event to help residents clear their criminal records and open their paths to jobs, housing and school.  

On Saturday residents who have a misdemeanor or felony conviction on their record can get a free copy of their criminal record and potentially dismiss convictions, reduce felonies to misdemeanors and get help turning their life around.

The “Clean Slate Day” event will be jointly hosted by the county public defender’s office, district attorney’s office and the Antioch police department. 

Senator Kamala D. Harris Endorses DA Diana Becton

Senator Kamala D. Harris has endorsed Diana Becton for District Attorney in the Contra Costa County race, joining a lengthy list of elected officials, progressive supporters and community members from within the county.


“District Attorney Diana Becton brings unique experience and a fresh perspective to the Contra Costa District Attorney’s Office, “ noted Senator Harris. “She is an advocate for victims, a champion for safe and healthy communities, and she will work to ensure transparency and fairness throughout the criminal justice system. Diana Becton will be a great district attorney and a fierce advocate for justice. I am proud to support her in this race.”  Sen Harris said.

Vanier exits Contra Costa DA candidates field, supports Becton

MARTINEZ — Patrick Vanier, one of three announced candidates for the Contra Costa County District Attorney’s job, has pulled out of the race and thrown his support behind interim DA Diana Becton...

Antioch police make arrest in 37-year-old kidnapping, homicide case

ANTIOCH — Police here made the shocking announcement Monday night that they have solved one of the city’s most notorious cold-case homicides, the kidnapping and murder of 14-year-old Suzanne Bombardier, who disappeared while babysitting her nieces more than 37 years ago...

Contra Costa’s first African-American, woman DA sworn in

MARTINEZ — In a brief but energetic ceremony, Diana Becton was sworn in Monday as the first African-American and first woman to serve as Contra Costa County’s district attorney...

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