Governor Jerry Brown

Endorses District Attorney Diana Becton:

"Diana Becton has shown she has what it takes to keep the community safe. As a former judge, she’s bringing decency and fairness to the Contra Costa District Attorney’s office – I’m glad to endorse her."

Diana Becton: Experience & Vision for our Community

Contra Costa District Attorney Diana Becton currently leads an office of approximately 200 lawyers, investigators, and staff.  She sets policy and priorities for the office, works with our police chiefs to solve law enforcement challenges, and develops programs to break the cycle of crime in our community. She is responsible for a budget of over $40 million. As a judge for 22 years, Diana Becton handed criminal, civil and environmental prosecutions and lawsuits, and oversaw cases in our juvenile justice system.  Elected Presiding Judge of Contra Costa courts by her peers, Diana managed a budget of over $50 million. 

District Attorney Becton was appointed in September 2017 after the prior DA resigned under indictment. Becton is the first woman and first person of color ever to serve as District Attorney -- in an office that opened in 1850.   She brings a new, progressive vision to meet the challenges we face in our criminal justice system.


Diana Becton Stands For:


  • Safe communities

  • Fair treatment of victims and the accused, bringing justice for all

  • Alternatives to incarceration for low-level nonviolent offenders

  • Mental health treatment for those in need

  • Restoration of public trust and transparency in the district attorney’s office

District Attorney Diana Becton

Leadership, Fairness, and Integrity for Safer Communities

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Diana Becton Elected District Attorney

"I am honored and humbled to receive the support

of a majority of Contra Costa county voters"

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